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"From 'cutting edge short fiction' to political satire and music reviews, 3am is a dream publication for the young, literary and clued-up..." The Times, London A page filled with links to sites that use the "no stinkin' badges" phrase from the Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Use your edit>find tool to find Thadeus & Weez. If you check out his full site, go to the page that has photos of his wedding-cake dolls on their travels on his honeymoon. It's funny.

MuddleHead News The site is an odd, interesting, collection of whatever strikes the webmaster's interest. It's by a former Texan now in D.C. If you want to know anything about sandcastles and South Padre Island, start here. Then follow Sandy's links to her companion sites.

Shaking Through the Net We ask questions about things that interest us. What does this album say about Pearl Jam's attitudes toward its success? Or that book about the cultural impact of Saturday Night Live? In short, we'd like to be your online authority for cultural criticism, weighing in with humorous and insightful commentary on movies, music, books and comics, and even offering some friendly advice along the way. So welcome, and get shaking! S

Lawyers Not Being Lawyers Dana Ruth Allison, name partner in The Allison Law Firm, began riding English style long before she became a lawyer. She has a lovely horse farm in the countryside near Los Fresnos, Texas. Lawrence Savell, a New York lawyer, writer, muscian and songwriter created this legal humor site. He also sells his CD "The Lawyer's Holiday Humor Album" at the site with songs like "Let 'Em Sue." Madeleine Begun Kane is an award-winning humor columnist based in New York City. Check out "Dubya's Diary" at her site for a daily dose of political humor. Kane, a self-styled "recovering lawyer," naturally has a legal humor section that's not always nice to lawyers. The multi-talented Kane was an oboist with the Dallas Symphony. Stu Reese is an entertainment lawyer with a special interest in cartoons. His site lists thousands of cartoon sites. Stu has been responsible for negotiating numerous contracts with syndicates on behalf of cartoonists.

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