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Given being misled into war with Iraq by the Bush administration followed by the botched post-war period, I have no doubt that if we had a citizen army -- where the war touched all our lives -- people would be in the streets en masse protesting the war. In fact, a poll released on Friday showed only 38% approval of Bush's handling of Iraq.

But with a professional military that insulates the rest of us from fighting, and a government that tries to hide both the reality and the cost of the war from us, there is an odd normalcy in the country. We're at war and everything seems normal. Unless, however, you are in the military or a military family. There's where the present sacrifice is.

Later, after Bush and Cheney are gone, we'll all be paying the cost of the war. I hope one day we return as a nation to going to war only when one is declared by Congress.

Nosing around on the Web, I learned that Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone, had been against the Vietnam War. I decided to use Serling to introduce the W Zone in this strip.