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From the Times Online:

Blair denies row with wife over terror laws
By Jenny Booth, Times Online

Tony Blair today defended his wife after she made a speech criticising the effects of new anti-terror laws on human rights.

The Prime Minister dismissed suggestions that he was at loggerheads with Mrs Blair, a senior human rights lawyer, who warned yesterday that the Government's attempts to tighten security following attacks like the July 7 bombings in London must not be allowed to undermine the rights of citizens.

She said that clashes between the two priorities were inevitable in times of crisis. Judges played a "vital" role in protecting the public against executive power, she said, and she praised the law lords for overturning the Government’s policy of detaining terror suspects without trial last December.

Speaking to 2,000 lawyers, diplomats and academics in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, Mrs Blair urged the courts to continue to ensure that governments respected the rights of suspects in the international fight against terrorism.