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The tragic case of Terry Schiavo brought this Thadeus & Weez to mind. Last weekend, Congress did some major-league political grandstanding passing the legislation that gave federal jurisdiction to the case. George W. Bush flew back from his ranch to sign the bill into law. Tom DeLay wrapped himself in the matter in an obvious political ploy in a time of desperation at his own troubles which many think will bring him down.

Meanwhile, there are the real people -- the husband and the parents -- who are involved in this wrenching personal tragedy. Most Americans sensed this was a family, not a political, tragedy and polls showed a large majority believed Congress should have stayed out of the Schiavo case. During the week, Democrats were somewhat silent on the whole matter watching as Republican Congressmen shot themselves in the foot. By week's end, the Justice Department had dropped out of the case. Removing the feeding to Congress seemed like the thing to do.

On a personal note, this is a situation where I wish the husband and parents could somehow sit down, talk this through and reach a mutual decision.