Notes: House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R - TX) was smiling like the cat who ate the canary last week. House Republicans had a rule that if you're indicted, you automatically had to step down from your leadership position. Ironically, they passed the rule in 1994 hoping to embarrass Democrats who didn't step aside at the time. My how things change. Now, they have revoked the rule so that if DeLay is indicted he can keep his leadership post.

DeLay is under investigation by a Texas grand jury in Austin generally over fund-raising-type matters. Three of his associates have already been indicted. I hadn't thought one or the other about whether DeLay would be indicted, but with the House Republicans' action to protect him, I now wonder if an indictment isn't coming down. That's the public relations problem of calling attention to something that hasn't happened -- if there's not to be an indictment suspected, why bother to look bad.


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