Notes: Karl Rove is famous for his tenacity at litigating the outcome of an election that his Republican candidate lost running for the supreme court of Alabama. When Rove left the state after the election he told his troops to keep talking the case up as the only chance they had by keeping the election in the public eye. A year later, his candidate took his seat on the court.

However, Rove takes the position of being against litigation. He wants to diminish trial lawyers' earnings in order to dry up this major source of financing for Democrats. So, Rove pushes lawsuit reform through George W. Bush, first in Texas, now at the federal level. Rove's and Bush's position also fits with their large corporate contributors wanting to shut consumer out of complaining about injury from corporate products. In the end it cuts out the little guy's right of access to the courts.

The irony about this is that neither Rove nor Bush is shy about litigating themselves. It was, of course, through litigation that the U.S. Supreme Court elected Bush President four years ago. The Democratic party isn't shy about litigation either, but it also isn't hypocritical about it like Bush and Rove are.


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