Notes: The 9/11 Commission report was released on Thursday. It found no "collaborative operational relationship" between Iraq and al Qaeda in the attack. In fact, Osama bin Laden was known to have contempt for Iraq's secular government. Moreover, he thought that Saddam Hussein was a bad Muslim. Regardless, the report states that senior Pentagon officials were determined to attack Iraq and used the 9/11 to promote their agenda.

Iran was another story. That's the other member of the Axis of Evil that really does have nukes. Iran provided safe passage al Qaeda members who trained in Afghanistan including at least some of the hijackers. It's border guards omitted stamping their passports so as not to raise international suspicion. Additionally, there seem to have been circumstances that show that Hezbollah -- a terrorist group linked to Iran -- was attentive to the movements of the 9/11 hijackers. For a good report on both the lack of an Iraq collaboration and this Iranian activity see Jeffrey Smith's piece in the Washington Post titled " 'Operational Relationship' with al Qaeda Discounted" (July 23, 2004).

Dick Cheney and his neocon buddies have continued to insist that Iraq was behind 9/11 though even George W. Bush has stated that there's no evidence of it (he said that before the campaign, anyway). I'm guessing that Cheney will continue to claim Iraq was behind 9/11 and wonder if that 40% of Americans who believe that will continue to do so.