Notes: On Tuesday, John Kerry announced that John Edwards would be his vice presidential running mate. The Bush camp immediately sent out the attack team to trash Edwards as being too inexperienced.

During the week, Bush was asked what Cheney had over Edwards, and Bush replied tersely, "He can be president." Of course many think he has effectively been the president since Bush's term began. Even some Republican pundits talk about the co-presidency. My favorite description was that of Cheney as America's first prime minister.

Writing in the July 7 edition of the Washington Post, Dan Froomkin reports in his column, "White House Briefing," the following excerpt from a USA Today interview with Cheney by Judy Keen:

"Judy Keen: You must be well aware of the caricature of you that has evolved over the last three years, the whole undisclosed location thing, the sinister force behind the president's policies. What do you make of that? And do you feel compelled to deal with it, especially in the context of this campaign that's just beginning? ...

"Cheney: Why do I want to deal with it? What's wrong with my image? ... Am I brown cloud? Am I the evil genius in the corner that nobody ever sees come out of his hole? It's a nice way to operate, actually."

A New York Times/CBS poll has Cheney with a 21 percent approval rating (Froomkin's White House Briefing). Meanwhile, there is a dump-Cheney movement on with some Republicans.