Notes: It's somewhat amusing to me that when we don't have a current outrage going down, we go for the proverbial tempest in a teapot. The tempest here is the Super Bowl scandal where Janet Jackson exposed her breast.

While I didn't know anyone personally who cared about it one way or the other, a huge flock of Chicken Littles flew to talk shows assuring us that the nation would surely fall if we didn't punish those involved in the Jackson scandal and censor the airwaves. Congress then hysterically took up the cry of clean up your act television and radio or we'll censor you -- Congressmen love to act indignant about no-risk issues like this. Network powers cowered quickly moving to take anything offensive off the air that the FCC might levy a fine for. The nation was safe again.

All this was because of exposure of a breast for a second. Fast forward to the present and we're seeing full-color photos night and day on television of naked, Iraqi, male prisoners being tortured at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and taunted by American men and women. If the rest of the photos are ever released, supposedly we'll see naked Iraqi females in prison and even naked Americans engaging in weird sex. This prison was a far cry from the television series "Hogan's Heroes."

It's been a big change from the Super Bowl. It's the Janet Jackson scandal on steroids.