Notes: There's a refrain going around that Americans must re-elect George W. Bush or the terrorists win. The logic is that to vote against him sends a message the terrorists that we choose to be weak.

Carrying this to its satirical end, we end up in a sort of political "Groundhog Day" -- the movie where the day repeats itself over and over -- except here it's where the same administration is re-elected each time so as not to send the wrong message to the terrorists (in reality, of course, this means always electing the handpicked successors as terms in office end). I call this "Groundhog Day," politics.

Under this theory, we have to keep Bush in office or it sends the wrong message to the terrorists. Let's just do away with elections and keep Bush and team in office forever, and then and the terrorists really will have won. The only way the terrorists truly win is for citizens of democracies to let their governments take away their freedoms. In a democracy, the power flows from the people to the government and not the reverse
. 03.21.04