Notes: George W. Bush is a privileged, Ivy-league, country-club, rich guy. His lineage is every bit as blue-blooded as a Kennedy. Yet, he's got Nascar dads lined up to vote for him. I know working people who identify with him though he gives tax cuts to the rich and takes away the average person's access to the courts. Bush avoided service in Vietnam (similar to my own Army reserve duty), but today he dresses up in military garb and swaggers around with people buying into it.

I don't think big business could have cast anyone to carry its water and still appeal to the common man better than Bush. His Texas twang, his short bursts of sing-song speech, his pronunciation all fly in the face of his Yale-Harvard education and his wealthy upbringing.

I have wondered if people outside of Texas know that country-clubbers in Texas frequently sound like Bush. Regardless, I'm reminded of Eddie Izzard's "Dress to Kill" concert in which Izzard repeatedly reminds us that it's 60% how you look, 30% how you sound and 10% what you say.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt met Orson Welles, FDR said, "You know, Mr. Welles, you are the greatest actor in America." Welles replied, "Oh no, Mr. President, you are." I think Welles might have said the same of George W. Bush
. 03.14.04