Notes: The Bush doctrine of pre-emptive war calls for the United States to pre-emptively attack another country who is believed -- not proved -- to imperil America through possible future action, not through provocation today. There are problems with such a policy.

We were told that the war with Iraq was necessary because George W. Bush had knowledge that the United States was under imminent threat from Iraq's WMDs. However, this week David Kay -- the Bush administration's man in charge of finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq -- said that there are no WMDs in Iraq.

Now Bush has shifted his reason for war with Iraq basically to Saddam Hussein's being a bad guy who should have been removed. However, the world is full of bad-guy rulers, not just Saddam. Unless the conspiracy theories are true that Bush went to war to get to Iraq's oil, to avenge his father and to gain military bases there, a grave mistake was made.

A mistake like basing a war on non-existent WMDs can only happen as a result of Bush's ill-thought doctrine of pre-emptive war. In other words, you launch the war based on intelligence information about future peril from another nation, not on the real basis of an actual provocation by another country. If the intelligence is wrong, then you've made a bad mistake that kills lots of people. The flawed Bush doctrine and his go-it-alone approach has made much of the world dislike and distrust America.

An investigation into the wrong intelligence surrounding Iraq's non-existent WMDs has been called for. After first resisting such an investigation, Bush, under great pressure, has said he will consider it. Some think the fall guy for mistakes made by the Bush administration will be the CIA and George Tenet for providing bad intelligence
. 02.01.04