Notes: A sportscaster dialogue that I love to hate when watching sports on television goes something like the one in the above comic strip with one big difference: The sportscasters never mention steroid use. They just get all giggly about growing those old boys big.

With the BALCO scandal breaking in California, steroids are back in the news. Athletes are parading before a grand jury in San Francisco because they had some contacts with BALCO, even if simply listed on the firm's Web site. The substance at issue is THG first allegedly discovered being used by track and field athletes. Some claim THG is not even a steroid. But, other chemists say that THG is a designer steroid made by altering some molecules of testosterone The brilliance of it purportedly is that it not only works, but also dissipates in urine samples so that it has escaped testing. In fact before a coach ratted out THG, it was not officially known to exist. BALCO denies any wrongdoing.

Unfortunately, steroid use has dangers. Regardless, would I have taken them if I could have become a superior athlete when I was young? You betcha. In fact when I was playing high school football before steroids were widely known about, I heard a rumor that players in another city were taking dianabols (anabolic steroids). I had no idea what that was, but I asked my family doctor, Bill Ross, if he would prescribe them for me. Dr. Ross was plain spoken and responded, "You don't want to mess with that stuff." That ended the steroid search for me. Perhaps worldwide, the sports community needs more Dr. Rosses.