Notes: This last week, we got a chance to see the unofficial beginning of the George W. Bush re-election campaign. In Karl Rove country, that means staying "on message."

When Bush ran for governor of Texas against sitting Governor Ann Richards, he was relentless at staying on message under the tutelage of Karl Rove. Later the defeated Richards commented when Bush ran for president, that he was going to have a few easily comprehended points and stay on message with them. She said he and his campaign team would hit you over and over and over again with the same points.

During his re-election campaign, you will see Bush under Rove's guidance, again stay on message. The message this time is that the war in Iraq was necessary, that it has been a successful venture, and he will begin to hear him also talk about the economy. That's because these are two of his weakest points and Democrats are already beating him up over them.

At times, expect to hear Bush stay on message to the point of silliness. Still, it's effective, disciplined campaigning
. Also, expect his move towards the center as evidenced by his distancing himself some this past week from the neo-cons and super-nationalists of the Pentagon. 10.12.03