Notes: George W. Bush has sent Secretary of State Colin Powell to the United Nations to ask for help in Iraq. Powell carried a draft of a resolution that would put U.N. troops under the command of an American. France and Germany have initially reacted negatively to the resolution saying that it gives too much power to the United States and does not move forward quickly enough in turning over authority in Iraq to Iraqis. Negotiations are continuing.

Bush is given to making reckless, simplistic, black-and-white statements that he later must modify once faced with the complexities of the world (remember "Bring 'em on.") They play well with many Americans at the moment that he makes them because they make the solutions to complex problems sound so simple. They're not unlike the simplistic statements that John Wayne would make in his movies. However, Wayne was an actor with a script, playing a part in a film. He was not running the country. Bush finds over and over that his sheriff of the world approach does not work
. 09.07.03