Notes: In this strip, Weez is riding shotgun in a car driven by George W. Bush. Childlike, Weez begins to pepper Dubya with questions: Where did the surplus go? And the jobs? And the coalition of the willing? And the weapons of mass destruction -- WMDs? Finally, a stoic Dubya asks the question silently to himself: Couldn't he just ask: Are we there yet?

Are we there yet? Writer Gertrude Stein commented that "There is no there, there." This week's tragic events including the bombing of the United Nations mission in Baghdad show we are either not there, yet, or that there is no there, there.

Notes made on Friday: Tropical Storm Erika raged across the Island while I was trying to color Thadeus & Weez early today. By the fifth time power failed, I gave up on coloring it for now and am posting the black and white version that appears in newspapers. Color version will be coming.