Notes: During this past week, former president Bill Clinton talked to Larry King on the air. In summary, he said that the Democrats should move on from picking on George W. Bush for his wrong "16 words" in his State of the Union Address." That was where Bush claimed that British intelligence had confirmed that Saddam Hussein was seeking uranium yellowcake for Iraq's nuclear weapons program from the African nation of Niger. The report was disclaimed by the C.I.A. and the particular document disclosing the information turned out to be a blatant forgery.

Clinton's call made for some strange bedfellows. Of course, Republicans agree with him. I saw the omnipresent, pop-blonde, right-wing darling, Ann Coulter asked if she agreed with Clinton. She waffled to avoid alliance with him, but made it clear that she did.

Democrats are trying to gain ground on Bush on this issue of lying to Americans about the Iraq situation. So, it was a surprise that Clinton took up for Bush. Some have said that the politically astute Clinton thinks it was time to move on from the issue to the one of the present day-to-day handling of Iraq. Others claimed that with the release of the 9/11 investigation that he, along with this administration, would get some blame, so that he wanted presidential cover. However, the report that came out later in the week doesn't seem to tarnish either Bush or Clinton personally.