Notes: Where are the WMDs? Both President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair made alarming assertions about the danger of Iraq's WMDs before the war.

According to a June 7, 2003, report in the Washington Post by Dana Priest and Walter Pincus, President George W. Bush "said in the Rose Garden on Sept. 26 [2002] that 'the Iraqi regime possesses biological and chemical weapons. The Iraqi regime is building the facilities necessary to make more biological and chemical weapons.' "

Also in the Post, Jefferson Morley reported on June 4, 2003, that British Prime Minister Tony Blair asserted before the war, "that Saddam Hussein's regime was capable of deploying chemical and biological weapons within 45 minutes."

However, as of this writing, weapons of mass destruction -- WMDs -- have not been found in Iraq. It strikes me as a bit odd that if Iraq's WMDs were so threatening to the United States that preventive was necessary, that they were neither used nor found.

Whether or not WMDs exist, the threat obviously was overblown to achieve the Bush administration's desire to take out Saddam Hussein. Theories are floating that the real reason for the war was to establish bases for American troops in Iraq so they could get out of Saudi Arabia, or because Iraq is swimming in oil.

I never doubted that Saddam had WMDs, but I opposed the new doctrine of preventive war, especially on such weak and sometimes falsified or undocumented evidence. Saddam was a third-rate dictator without the capacity or death wish to launch WMDs against the United States.

What we are learning is that the Bush administration is willing to distort the truth to the American public to achieve its goals. Politicians distorting the truth is nothing new to either political party. But in a democracy, the people get to complain when they're lied to by their leaders
. 06.08.03