Notes: This week's strip depicts Saudi Arabia -- represented here by Crown Prince Abdullah -- as Dr. Frankenstein. Like Dr. Frankenstein, Saudi Arabia creates its own Frankenstein's monster, Osama bin Lama. Following the script of Frankenstein, the Al Qaeda monster turns on its creator.

We all know Osama bin Laden is Saudi Arabian. So are many of his followers in Al Qaeda. At least some wealthy Saudis have given money to Al Qaeda. In fact one theory has it that the Saudi rulers have allowed Al Qaeda to operate in order to direct disgruntlement within the country away from them and onto the United States. If the country's problems can be blamed on another country, the Saudi rulers don't have to answer for their shortcomings.

In fact, Osama has called for the downfall of the Saudi Royal family. The recent Qaeda bombings in Saudi Arabia killed Saudis as well as Americans. Saudi Arabia's own Frankenstein's monster is turning on it in the form of Al Qaeda attacks.