Notes: Who will rebuild post-war Iraq? d-oh. Well-connected corporations will. According to an April 15, 2003 report by Reuter's correspondent, Andrea Shalal-Esa, "Rebuilding Iraq's roads, oil fields, ports, power grids and communications networks could cost $20 billion a year -- and the lion's share of the spoils is likely to go to a handful of well-connected U.S. companies." And who'll foot the bill? d-oh. As of this writing American taxpayers will. However this could change some because of international wrangling to get a piece of the rebuilding pie.

Of course France, Germany and Russia want a piece of the rebuilding pie, too. There's a riff going on about when United Nations sanctions imposed on Iraq should be lifted with the U.S. wanting it done now. However, some nations say that sanctions should not be lifted until a permanent government is in power. I'm guessing we'll see some negotiating over who gets what rebuilding contracts in return for supporting the immediate lifting of sanctions. But, this is also should be a pressure point to get other countries to help financially.