Notes: Any country that can produce the musicians who performed on "The Buena Vista Social Club" should, unquestionably, be free. Instead sadly, Cuba is run by an over-the-hill, reactionary dictator intent on power for life -- Fidel Castro.

During the past week Fidel has had about 80 peaceful dissidents arrested, among them journalists, economists and opposition leaders. This ends a period when some dissent has been tolerated. The dissidents are being quickly tried in closed trials so the world won't see and hear what's going on. Within a week of their arrests, some have already been sentenced with the longest sentence I've read about being 27 years.

Since doing this strip, four of the hijackers of a ferry have been executed. They were trying to come to America. Certainly, they shouldn't have endangered the other passengers. But, they were executed about four days after their arrests. They, too, had closed trials and one day for appeals.