Notes: What is called the rally effect occurred when the polls showed a bump in support of George W. Bush once troops were committed to Iraq. The rally effect is when Americans rally around their leader in times of crisis.

I totally support the troops, but I don't join in the rally effect of supporting Bush in his decision to send the troops. There's a difference in supporting the troops and in supporting Bush though the polls don't distinguish it. The troops are fighting in Iraq while neither Bush nor I are. The troops are in Iraq because they were ordered there by Bush, not because they all just decided to go. Thus, it's possible to fully support them while disagreeing with Bush's decision to send them under his dangerous doctrine of preventive war.

Preventive war -- which Bush is waging -- is distinguished from a preemptive strike. An example I've read to distinguish the two involves a dispute where your neighbor thinks your tree branch is hanging over his property line. You hear he's gone to a hardware store, so you burn down his shed in case there's a chain saw inside it. That's preventive war. In contrast, preemptive strike occurs if you see him heading towards your branch with chain saw howling and you intervene to stop him
. I'll take preemptive strike as the lowest bar for going to war, not reckless preventive war. 03.30.03