Notes: Call me old fashioned. I still believe in the concept of separation of church and state. It's fundamental in a nation like the United States with citizens who practice many religions and citizens who practice no religion, that to get along, we can't have a single religion driving the affairs of state. In other words, the reciprocal trade off is that you get to practice yours and I get to practice mine.

Moreover, it makes me nervous when a leader claims that God talks to him. There have heinous acts committed throughout history by leaders claiming that they were acting on behalf of God. I have the utmost respect for prayer. But, I believe it is an individual act of spirituality. I don't think God has appointed any human to receive his words, interpret them for the rest of us and lead us through the fog.

As for this week's strip, we're in the midst of "March Madness," or for those of you who don't follow basketball, the college playoffs to a national champion. While I don't doubt that prayer can focus an individual's performance, the thought that God takes an interest in one team beating another or in one player making a game-winning three-pointer at the buzzer amuses me. Having played sports when I was younger, I'm just having some fun with that
. 03.16.03