Notes: Since the Vietnam War where I ended up in the Army reserves not doing much, no American war has affected my lifestyle. I think that statement holds true for civilians across America. We fought a war in Afghanistan and our lives didn't change at home. Same for Kosovo, Panama and Grenada. There was still plenty of food, no rationing, no lines for gas.

I've read that most Iraqi civilians have begun to stock up on necessities. They expect to be affected if war breaks out.

It's surreal to have your nation fighting wars and have nothing happen on the home front. I'm certainly glad it doesn't, glad that our lives are not changed. But, I wonder if it masks the horrors of war from us. I worry that we'll begin to take it for granted that we can't lose, that we can march off and still have cable TV and overstocked grocery shelves.

I'm opposed to the resurrection of the draft. But, I will say that it made my friends and me -- in fact a whole generation -- intensely aware of the Vietnam War.