Notes: Presidential adviser Karl Rove is known for keeping George W. Bush on message. Once the message is put out there, Bush says it over and over and over and then over again. He's doing that now with Iraq. These days you could ask Bush what college he attended and he'd respond, "Iraq must disarm itself of weapons of mass destruction or we will disarm Mr. Saddam Hussein." Iraq is all Bush talked about at this past week's NATO summit in Prague, Czech Republic.

Meanwhile, Bush is lining up nations to support -- at least by words if not deeds -- the United States' position on Iraq. Many care little about the Iraq issue, but cannot ignore America's great wealth. They want access to the huge United States markets, to American investment and to American aid. So, they sign on with Bush's "coalition of the willing" on Iraq -- not laughing, but grinning all the way to the bank.