Notes: North Korea recently admitted that it has a nuclear weapons program. That's more than we know for certain about Iraq which many analysts think have chemical and biological weapons, but no nukes. However, the Bush administration continues to rattle sabres at Iraq, but not at North Korea.

So, what's the difference? Bennett Roth reported in the Washington Post [October 26, 2002], "The administration has ruled out military action that would put South Korea and the 37,000 American troops stationed there in danger." Later in the piece, Roth related that "[Colin] Powell said the United States has no plans to invade North Korea." Also in the Post [October 27, 2002], Karen De Young and Mike Allen wrote that "[t]he administration has been far less belligerent on the subject of heavily armed North Korea [than on Iraq]." Our inconsistency on weapons of mass destruction is simple -- Iraq is weak and North Korea is strong militarily.

As for the satire in the strip: Remember Junior High? It's that place where the strong prey on the weak.