Notes: Shades of "Father Knows Best," as the Bush administration assures us it knows best with its secret information about Iraq. We're supposed to simply accept it as fact and that we -- citizens of America -- don't need to need to know what that secret information is as we pad along a routine daily path in our little, insignificant lives. After all, we're merely sheep following the big shepherd in the White House. Otherwise, they imply -- some even say it -- that we're practically traitors to demand what citizens of a democracy should demand: "Show me the information!"

This past week Congress passed the Bush war-with-Iraq resolution without any substantive debate. The fix was in when the week before Democrats like Dick Gephardt and Joe Lieberman cut a deal with the Bush to go along with his resolution (see last week's strip on this subject). Democrats completely failed their responsibility to their constituency by rolling over in hopes of just getting this messy war thing behind them and out of sight. They want to turn the national dialogue away from Iraq and to the economy for election purposes, though they appear to be as clueless about a plan for the economy as they are about Iraq.

The New York Times broke a story Friday about plans for a U.S. military government for Iraq. That's an idea sure to antagonize many Muslims, and one that is also sure to add credence to the theory that the Iraq affair is all about oil. Wait ... I forgot. Iraq's behind us and we're worried about the economy, now. Yeah, right. Bah!