Notes: It takes steroids, political contributions, cosmetic surgery and cooking the books to compete successfully today. Athletes simply cannot compete on a world-class level without performance enhancers like steroids so long as other athletes take them. Businesses can't be competitive unless they make political contributions. News anchors, actors and other appearance-oriented professionals can't compete without some kind of cosmetic make-over even if it's as simple as dying one's hair. Now we're learning that corporation after corporation cooked their books in an effort to show outrageous profits to raise the value of their stock and compete for investors with other corporations.

So the level playing field becomes the unnatural, bought, fake, fraudulent field. The distorted becomes the norm. It would take unilateral refusal to take steroids, give political contributions, undergo cosmetic make-overs and cook the books to end the cycle of unnatural enhancement. But who's willing to go first ... and risk failure.

I wish natural athletes could win. I wish politicians didn't sell access for dollars. I wish all female news anchors weren't blond. I wish corporate fraud would end. I wish I could fly over the rainbow like bluebirds do.