Notes: Some former Enron workers were upset with their former bosses this week. Associated Press writer Brad Foss reported that the company disclosed in an Enron bankruptcy filing that in the year leading up to its bankruptcy filing "executives received $309.5 million in salary, bonuses, long-term incentives, loan advances and other payments. The executives also exercised stock options and received stock valued at $434.5 million."

Foss went on to quote Eli Gottesdiener, an attorney representing 24,000 participants in Enron retirement plans who lost as much as $1 billion when the stock value went south: "It's outrageous. My clients find it outrageous and it's just more evidence that people at the top knew that they better get, while the getting was good."

The comic strip is loosely based on the television commercial for a cereal that claims to have more vitamins than others. In it shoppers are told that they'd have to buy multiple boxes of the cereal they've picked from the shelf to equal one box of the advertiser's cereal. Here the shopper is an average Enron worker and the other figure, a fat cat, is an Enron excutive who checked out with big bucks.