Notes: Does anyone else tire of extremists, militants and fanatics? Most people I know want to live their lives, do their work, spend some time with family and friends, and grab some fun when they can. Then along comes an Osama bin Laden, a Joseph Stalin, or an Adolph Hitler to forcefully try to impose their world views on people. And what's at the core of their motivation is the gratification of their own huge, selfish, evil egos.

They seem to get a toehold because normal people just try to ignore them hoping that they'll go away. More complex minds weigh both sides of a matter -- on the one hand, then on the other hand -- before finally deciding to act with deliberate force. There was a gross underestimation by Osama bin Laden of how determinedly that force would be used against him once he and Al Qaeda finally provoked an all-out response by the United States. Fortunately, complex minds can build bigger weapons than the 8th century, medieval minds of bin Laden and his followers
Megalomaniacs and their zealot followers -- please go to another planet.