Notes: Television viewers saw another episode of The Osama Show this week. It was as awful as the other Osama bin Laden tapes. When he's not preening with a small-version Kalashnikov rifle, he's holding a microphone and delivering the most boring, dogmatic lectures in arcane, stylized sentences. An example of this is when bin Laden says, "Our terrorism is a blessed terrorism to prevent the unjust person from committing injustice ..." Whew. What century is he from?

The tape was an old Sony 8, and the Al-Jazeera television station in Qatar -- bin Laden's favorite channel -- had to search for a VCR that would play it. On the tape, aside from the doctrinaire propaganda, bin Laden looks ashen, gaunt and stiff -- in sum, very unhealthy.

Don't worry about The Osama Show replacing Friends. It's only interesting because you get to see a diabolical megalomaniac presenting himself as a diabolical megalomaniac.