Notes: In The collapse of Enron is said to be the biggest business bankruptcy in American history. While it's headlining business news, on the front page the Enron story is being overwhelmed by news of America's war on terror.

A year ago Enron stock traded for a high of $90, but this year reached a low of about 25 cents. A suit has been filed against many Enron executives who traded their stock allegedly with the knowledge of the stock's devaluation. One employee commented that he thought everything had been OK at Enron until he learned that some executives were selling their stock at below what it was worth on acquisition.

Enron employees had their retirement accounts in Enron stock -- a common practice among large corporations. Unlike the executives who traded at least a part of their stock, employees were locked into the stock and couldn't trade it as it plummeted in value. Consequently, not only have many employees been laid off, they have also lost their retirement savings (at least seemingly so at this point).