Notes: Even as fighting continues in Afghanistan, media pundits are calling for Iraq to be the next target in the war on terrorism. Some believe, though without definite proof, that Iraq assisted in some way with the 9-11 attack. This past week the Bush administration released the names of six states pursuing germ-warfare programs. Iraq was among them. Moreover, George W. Bush told the nation during the week that the war against terrorism was far from over. Some analysts believe that the American people are being prepared for Saddam Hussein to become a target. However, this does not necessarily mean massive military strikes against Iraq. It could instead mean severe economic sanctions. There is a debate within the Bush administration on this issue. Opponents of military action believe that such action would strain relations with Arab nations, and that Saddam can be controlled in other ways. Proponents believe Saddam must be removed from power to control terrorism. 11.25.01