Notes: Is the war in Afghanistan bogging down? The Pentagon calls that "the quagmire question." Others call it "the big Q." Surprisingly, after only three weeks of bombing, journalists are asking it. Some in the media seem to think three weeks is a long war. I wish it were so, but it's a silly notion. Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post pointed this out when he wrote last Monday, "Three whole weeks into the war against Afghanistan, the journalistic establishment seems to be running out of patience. Call it the miniseries mentality: Shouldn't this show be over by now? Why, the Gulf War ended in a mere 100 hours." Kurtz mentioned that Cokie Roberts told Donald Rumsfield, "The perception is that this war the last three weeks is not going very well." And Wolf Blitzer stated to him, "Some people are suggesting, as you know, that there was this underestimating of the enemy." Terry Moran of ABC said, "I think the bad guys are winning." In contrast there was, as mentioned in the above strip, the Hundred Years' War between the British and the French. It was a series of battles fought between them over the same issue over 100 years. Few wars are won in three weeks. 11.04.01