Notes: Citizens of from 45 to 80 nations have died at the World Trade Center. An old maxim is "divide and conquer." Instead, the terrorists seem to have taken on a good part of the world in there attack on what Condoleeza Rice has called the "World's Trade Center." Moreover economies across the globe have been damaged.

The United States is forming a coalition of nations to fight against the terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon. Nations are joining the coalition en masse. Many simply have common defense interests with America. Others are responding to pressure and negotiations such as the United States lifting previously imposed economic sanctions. The fight reportedly will not be a conventional war, but instead will be waged on three fronts: military, financial, and information.

The primary suspect in the attacks is the al Quaeda organization of Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden is in Afghanistan, and at this writing, has been asked to leave at his convenience by Muslim clerics in the country. However, leaders of Afghanistan have wholly rejected America's request to hand him over immediately. There is fear of a U.S. attack in Afghanistan and refugees have fled across the border to Pakistan.