Notes: Geroge W. Bush and his advisers say that America is going to fight a new kind of war against the terrorists who attacked America. There will be military, information, diplomatic and financial fronts. The extent of the military operations is not known at this writing, though reportedly American and British commandos have been in Afghanistan during last week. Information gathering through espionage will dramatically increase from what it was before the attack. The diplomatic effort with the new, and sometimes surprising alliances, has been highly reported in the news.

Finally, America and its allies plan to search out the financial assets of the terrorists in the world banking system. The seizing or freezing of terrorist financial assets -- the subject of this cartoon -- could be crucial to wrecking the terrorists ability to attack. Osama bin Laden, the son of a wealthy Saudi businessman, is estimated to have assets of $360 million. His al Qaeda gang must have substantial financing to travel, train and implement attacks. The somewhat amusing, yet very effective, image of accountants, MBAs and lawyers as soldiers in this new kind of war is shown in the cartoon.

Here's hoping that the creativity of this multi-pronged approach destroys the effectiveness of the terrorists.