Notes: President George W. Bush travels to Europe to meet with European Union leaders this week. Europeans have criticized the Bush administration for having an our-way-or-the-highway attitude. President Bush himself is seen by some Europeans as a coarse, swaggering Texan. With the meeting close at hand, the Bush administration is working to blunt those criticisms by making Bush seem more cooperative and environmentally concerned. Metaphorically, they're trying to take the swagger out of his walk.

Bush has been criticized in Europe over his proposed missile shield. Additionally, he's come under fire there for his actions last March in turning down the 1997 Kyoto global warming agreement. Bush has people lobbying the Europeans on the missile shield. And to soften the European criticism on his Kyoto stance before the meeting, the Bush administration has announced that it will have an alternative policy -- not announced at this writing -- concerning emissions of greenhouse gases. Possible plans are to seek voluntary targets and incentives for emission reductions and to have pollution credits that may be purchased by companies exceeding those targets from low-polluting businesses. 06.10.01