Notes: President George W. Bush has begun to name his judicial nominees. He ended the longtime tradition of the vetting of potential nominees by the American Bar Association. The reported reason for breaking off from the tradition is that the association is too liberal for the Bush camp. For some recommendations, he's relying instead on an organization of conservative lawyers called the Federalist Society.

Bush has said in the past that he favors states' rights and many, if not most, of his judicial nominees are expected to also favor states' rights. However, wanting to win the Florida-vote case, Bush's lawyers turned to the federal system and ultimately to the United States Supreme Court, which has a conservative majority, to reverse the ruling of the Florida Supreme Court. It was good legal strategy, yet it proved that you can philosophize about the legal system all you want, but when you end up in court the only thing that matters to you is winning
. 05.06.01