Notes: Republicans ruled the U.S. House of Representatives this past week. They quickly repealed workplace safety regulations that had been enacted by former President Bill Clinton. The regulations set out education and enforcement measures for dealing with repetitive motion work that can cause carpal tunnel syndrome and for certain lifting situations. Republicans, supported by President George W. Bush, argued that the regulations would cost business billions of dollars and amounted to more nanny-state rules. Democrats rebutted that the regulations came on the heals of eight years of study of ergonomics and injuries in the workplace. Labor was outraged. Then towards the end of the week House Republicans passed the first of President Bush's tax cuts. Democrats have argued that they are too large. A group called "blue dog" Democrats claimed that it made no sense to cut taxes before a budget had been passed. As John McCain predicted among all of the talk of bipartisanship a couple of months back the congress was "not going to be a day at the beach." Many think bipartisanship is over, while more measured pundits say that the it will depend on each individual piece of legislation. 03.11.01