Notes: President George W. Bush met Friday with Mexican President Vicente Fox in San Cristobal, Mexico. Among the topics on the agenda was illegal immigration. Fox advocates a form of free border and legal status being granted to Mexican citizens illegally within the United States. Some believe that illegal immigration actually fuels first-world countries' economies by providing cheap labor for work that most citizens do not want to do. And in Mexico's case, it's long been thought that Mexican citizens finding work in America acts as a safety valve that prevents unrest over poverty in Mexico. Unfortunately these outlooks do not address the fact that illegal workers work at substandard wages without benefits and enforceable rights. The United States takes the band-aid approach of rounding up illegal workers from Mexico and sending them back to Mexico. Those in the United States who employ the illegal wokers are rarely aggressively gone after. And with Mexico having a safety valve, it's not forced to address its poverty problem. A side bar to the meeting is that the United States bombed Iraq on Friday, effectively taking the spotlight away Mexico. 02.18.01