Notes: Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan -- known for using obtuse economic language -- was blamed by some for the economic downturn of 1990 and 1991 under then President George Bush (the father). Greenspan is thought to be determined to keep the country from a recession under President George W. Bush. The Fed cut interest rates this week to that end. Earlier, Greenspan -- speaking only on his own behalf -- said that he favors a tax cut to keep the nation's surplus from growing. If the surplus continues to grow, America may pay off its debts creating a zero-debt situation. If that were to happen, there would be pressure to invest the surplus in the private sector. This is called the zero-debt problem since that would create huge political pressure to invest with those politically connected which could cause risky investment. Greespan is said to be against this and consequently does not want to surplus to grow. Got it? 02.04.01