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August 28 Bush on Bike on Iraq: Bush bikes and ruminates about Iraq becoming an Islamic state.

August 21 Iraq Policy: Bush administration policy on Iraq -- a dog...

August 14 Justice Sunday II: Praying both for and against activist judges.

August 7 Normalcy in Time of War: Bush goes on vacation with the nation at war as noted here by Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone fame.

July 31 Laura Bush on Cherie Booth: Tony Blair's wife, Cherie, speaks out for civil liberties while he is championing detentions.

July 24 Rove Consoles McClellan: Early announcement of John Roberts as Bush nominee for Supreme Court should take the media leak heat off Scott McClellan consoles Karl Rove to the press secretary.

July 17 Rove And Toto In Tornado: Karl Rove gets swept up in a national political storm over the leaked outing of Valerie Plame.

July 10 Supreme Court Fight: Both sides are ramping up to spend millions on the fight over nominations to the Supreme Court.

July 3 Fly The Flag: Supporting our troops by flying the flag on the fourth does not mean you support Bush.

June 26 Rumsfeld Resign?: Rummy offers resignation twice, but Bush refuses it.

June 19 Downing Street Memo: Bush faces the memo with Nixon standing behind him. as the impeachment word has been used in public.

June 12 Patriot Act: Bush and Gonzales push the Patriot Act.

June 5 Bloodthirsty Beast: North Korea calls Cheney a "bloodthirsty beast" and the "boss" without mentioning Bush.

May 29 Missing Mandate: Rove and Bush search for Bush's lost mandate.

May 22 Darth Cheney: Weez is menaced by Star Wars' Darth Vader -- Dick Cheney?

May 15 Bolton's Nomination: John Bolton's nomination goes to the full Senate without a recommendation.

May 8 Bush's Social Security Quagmire: Bush sinks in Swamp Social Security.

May 1 Drug Ads: The Madison Avenue approach to selling prescription medication goes further than informing us; it makes us want the stuff.

April 24 John Bolton's Abusive Side: He's not the John Bolton Condoleezza Rice knows.

April 17 Scott McClellan Spins Bush-DeLay Friendship: McClellan describes DeLay as a Bush friend, but explains there are different levels of friendship.

April 10 Tom DeLay's Stature: Some Republicans privately worry that Tom DeLay's stature is diminishing.

April 3 The Grim Reaper And The Culture Of Life: Weez discusses life and death, stem cell research, war and Darfur with the grim reaper over a beer.

March 27 Feeding Tube to Congress: The U.S. Congress plays politics with the Terry Schiavo case.

March 20 Greenspan Economic Forecasting: Alan Greenspan prepares his economic forecast.

March 13 Cheney, Social Security, Steroids: Cheney gets buff on roids to muscle through Bush's Social Security privatization plan.

March 6 Bankrupt Bankruptcy Reform: Credit card companies have gained support of Congressional Republicans to seduce Americans to use ever more credit, then use the fine print to charge an outrageous APR without consequence to them.

February 27 Rumsfeld Up For Oscar?: Weez wonders if the "Old Rumsfeld" is up for an Academy Award for his performance as the "New Rumsfeld."

February 20 On Message To Privatize Social Security: Rove gets Bush on message to sell a Social Security crisis in order to privatize it.

February 13 Condi's Bright And Elegant: Weez wants Condoleezza Rice to be his Valentine after her trip to Europe as Secretary of State, but hasn't forgotten her role in misleading us on WMD.

February 6 Bush Claims Social Security Crisis: Bush is on the road selling Social Security privatization by claiming it's in a crisis not unlike his crisis selling of WMD.

January 30 Bush's New Reason For Attacking Iraq: Forget about WMD, Bush now says his reason for going to war with Iraq was to spread freedom.

January 23 Alberto Gonzales and Bush: Gonzales says he can distinguish being responsible to Bush and his responsibility to represent the public as attorney general. ... right.

January 16 Bush's Social Security Reform: Bush has been screaming "crisis" over Social Security.

January 9 Bush's Tort Reform: Bush has been screaming "crisis" if damages aren't capped at $250,000 in medical malpractice suits.

January 2 New Year's Resolution: Should one resolve to end torture or to lose weight?

December 26 Peace On Earth: The three kings ponder peace on earth, good will to men.

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December 26 Peace On Earth: The three kings ponder peace on earth, good will to men.

December 19 Flu Shots: Recently treasured, the flu vaccine has lost its lustre now that it's more available.

December 12 Steroids In Sports: Steroid use in sports is rampant, with health issues being the real concern.

December 5 More Prisoner Abuse Reports: The Herrington report on abusing prisoners in Iraq and the Red Cross report on abusing prisoners at Gitmo was leaked, but the outcry is minimal.

November 28 NBA Brawl: There's brawiling in the NBA between the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers.

November 21 GOP Protects DeLay: House Majority Leader Tom DeLay will no longer have to automatically step down from leadership if he's indicted because of a rule change by House Republicans to protect him.

November 14 Ashcroft Resigns: Attorney General John Ashcroft resigns.

November 7 Karl Rove And Bush's Victory: Karl Rove's head grows big as Bush calls him the architect of his win.

October 31 Lawyers And The Election: Bush and Rove call for lawsuit reform while amassing an army of lawyers for litigating the election

October 24 Word "Liberal" Plays To Bush Base: Bush energizes his base by calling Kerry a liberal, over and over and over and over again.

October 17 Cheney Blames Trial Lawyers: Cheney and Bush blame trial lawyers for suing their corporate buddies and advocate lawsuit reform in hopes of drying up trial lawyer contributions to Democrats.

October 10 The Duelfer Report: In a blow to the Bush team, the Duelfer report concludes that there were no WMD in Iraq before the war.

October 3 The Pottery Barn Rule: "You break it, you own it " is the rule George W. Bush is faced with in the mess he's made in Iraq.

September 26 Bush's Iraq Mess: The Bush obssession with Saddam Hussein led him from staying the course in Afghanistan and defeating Osama bin Laden.

September 19 Swift Vets Ads: The ads by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth attacking John Kerry are so over the top, that I'm beginning to find the funny.

September 12 Cheney Scares For Votes: Dick Cheney campaigns on the back of the fear factor saying to vote for Bush or risk terrorist attack.

September 5 Republican Convention: George W. Bush's exceptional political adviser, Karl Rove, has done it again with the G.O.P. convention, at least for the moment.

August 29 Attack Ads: People say they don't like negative campain ads, but they work.

August 22 Voodoo Economics Return: Bush cuts taxes and raises spending running up deficits.

August 15 Bush Stops Stem-Cell Research: George W. Bush's ban on using federal money for research on newly developed stem cell lines effectively shuts down research

August 8 Color-Coded Terror Alerts: It's time color-coded, terror alert system in favor of descriptions of the danger.

August 1 Swing Voters: If you aren't a swing voter in a swing state, you're probably feeling ignored by both parties in the presidential campaign

July 25 9/11 Commision, Iran Not Iraq: Dick Cheney continues to insist that Iraq was behind 9/11, but the 9/11 commission concludes it was not, but that Iran and Hezbollah had suspicious activities relating to the hijackers.

July 18 Blair, Bush And Faulty Iraq Intelligence: Faced with the Butler report on bad intel on Iraq, Blair says he takes responsibility for faulty pre-war intelligence, but Pinocchio Bush does not take any.

July 11 Cheney vs. Edwards: George W. Bush says -- without a hint of irony -- that Dick Cheney is ready to be president.

July 04 Genocide In Sudan: A massive world outcry is immediately needed to pressure the Sudanese, Arab, Muslim government to prevent genocide of Christian blacks in southern Sudan.

June 27 Heroes Of The Torture Memos: Military and state department lawyers opposed the torture memos claiming that the Geneva Conventions applied.

June 20 Cheney Continues To Imply Saddam Behind 9/11: Dick Cheney continues to assert long-standing ties between Saddam Hussein despite the 9/11 commission report to the contrary.

June 13 Bush's Restrictions On Stem Cell Reseach: Ronald Reagan's Alzheimer's death has re-focused attention on Bush's restrictions on stem cell research.

June 6 Bush Meets Leaders Of Italy And France: Bush meets with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and with French President Jaques Chirac amid large protests against Bush in Rome and Paris, though lighter than predicted.

May 30 Aschroft Warns Of Terrorism Danger, But Color-Coded Alert Unchanged: At a Justice Department news conference, John Ashcroft warns that terrorists plan attacks in Amerca, but Tom Ridge does not raise the color-coded terror alert.

May 23 Oil Prices: Are high oil prices being caused by a fear of terrorism interrupting the flow of oil instead of a shortage?

May 16 Janet Jackson Scandal Compared To Torture Scandal: The scandal surrounding Janet Jackson's exposed breast at the Super Bowl seems awfully silly in light of the Iraq prison torture scenes were seeing daily on television.

May 9 Torture Photographs And The Senate Armed Services Committee: The Armed Services Committee learned about the torture photographs at Abu Ghraib prison through 60 Minutes II.

May 2 Bush And Cheney At The 9/11 Commission: After fighting both the formation of the commission and appearing before it, Bush and Cheney require that they appear together before the 9/11 panel.

April 25 The Patriot Act Crusade: With the Patriot Act set to expire next year, George W. Bush is pushing for passage of a permanent Patriot Act despite his being called by God to spread freedom.

April 18 Dubya's Resolve: George W. Bush's legendary resolve is really the pigheaded stubbornness of a mind that sees the world in black and white -- stay the course without smart adjustments.

April 11 A Bad Week In Iraq And Troop Size: Before the Iraq War, some generals argued for the Powell Doctrine of overwhelming force with massive troops, but Donald Rumsfeld won out with his light, quick-strike strategy. The generals are being proved right.

April 4 Confessions And The Passion Of The Christ: After seeing Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of The Christ," several people have confessed to crimes -- A new interrogation tool [wink]?

March 28 Sliming Richard Clarke: Former Bush counterterrorism coordiantor Richard A. Clarke's book, " Against All Enemies," was released this week and he experienced the slime and defend policy of the White House when the attack dogs were released on him.

March 21 Re-elect Bush or Aid Terrorists: There's a false refrain going around that we have to re-elect Bush to send the right message to terrorists -- sort of "Groundhog Day" politics where the administration repeats over and over.

March 14 The Bush Image Ruse for Big Business: George W. Bush sounds like a Texas good old boy, but he's a privileged, rich guy from a family that is pure blue blood who fools the average guy into thinking he's like him.

March 07 Steroids in Sports: How do you stop steroid use in sports when no one is willing to go first.

February 29 George W. Bush Against Gay Marriage: Bush has endoresed a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage without regard meanspiritedness or junking up the Constitution.

February 22 The Bush Administration vs. Science: The Union of Concerned Scientists claims that the Bush administration distorts scientific fact to serve its own political agenda.

February 15 Nuclear Proliferation: George W. Bush announces that nukes should be limited to nations now possessing them while he approves research and development of further small nuclear weapons for the U.S.

February 8 Super Bowl Flash Dance And Gay Marriage: Janet Jackson flashed her breast with the help of Justine Timberlake during the Super Bowl halftime show in the same week that the court ruled for same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. Coincidence?

February 1 No WMDs in Iraq and Pre-emptive War: The flawed Bush doctrine of pre-emptive action led us to war with Iraq on the basis that he knew the U.S. was under imminent peril from Iraq's WMDs, yet now, Bush weapons searcher, David Kay, announces that there are no WMDs in Iraq.

January 25 Activist Judges: George W. Bush says he despises activist judges, but then only appoints right-wing activist judges while non-activist judges don't get appointed by either party.

January 18 Bush And Congress Spend, Spend, Spend: George W. Bush and Congress have caused a massive budget deficit by increasing spending without increasing income.

January 11 Bush Immigrant Worker Plan: George W. Bush has proposed that illegal immigrants be given temporary work permits.

January 4 Forgiving Iraq's Debt: The U.S. made loans to Saddam knowing he was a bad guy, and now American taxpayers will pick up the tab for the loans as America and other countries reduce and restructure Iraq's foreign debt.

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January 4 Forgiving Iraq's Debt: The U.S. made loans to Saddam knowing he was a bad guy, and now American taxpayers will pick up the tab for the loans as America and other countries reduce and restructure Iraq's foreign debt.

December 28 Code Orange, Mad Cow & Flu: Christmas week finds America under a code orange alert, with the first case of mad cow disease and flu.

December 21 Saddam's Doubles: So ... Whatever happened to Saddam's doubles?

December 14 Exporting American Jobs: U.S. corporations are sending jobs overseas to grow profits from cheap labor.

December 7 Pretend Soldier George W. Bush: Bush appears for photo-ops in military garb while having avoided Vietnam himself.

November 30 A Thanksgiving Blessing: Giving thanks for the Patriot Act, John Ashcroft and the F.B.I. spying on protesters because they remind us to fight for our freedoms.

November 23 Same-Sex Marriage: The highest court of Massachusetts rules that same-sex couples -- gays and lesbians -- can wed.

November 16 Occupying Iraq: The bottom line is that no one likes an occupying army and its foreigners with guns telling locals what to do.

November 9 Illegal Immigrant Workers: The very people who often complain about illegal immigrants hire them to take advantage of their cheap labor without overtime pay.

November 2 Steroid Use In Sports And Sportscasters: Use of performance enhancing drugs such as steroids in sports is widespread, but largely ignored by sportscasters.

October 26 The Imperial Presidency And The Missing Congress: In the face of the "imperial presidency," the U.S. Congress has left Americans without representative democracy in the area of foreign policy.

October 19 Bush Raises Campaign Cash-- Travels To Summit--Raises Campaign Cash: George W. Bush attends fund-raisers in California, then heads off on a six-day, six-nation tour, then attends fund-raisers in Hawaii on the way back .

October 12 Bush Stays On Message On Iraq: This week we saw George W. Bush begin to get on message for his re-election campaign saying againa and again in speeches that the Iraq war was necessary and successful.

October 5 Outing A CIA Operative: A White House official apparently disclosed through leaks that Joseph Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, is a Central Intelligence Agency operative as an act of revenge for Wilson's role in debunking the Niger and Iraq connection to buy yellow cake uranium.

September 28 Hiding WMDs: It seems an implausible strategy that Saddam would hide weapons of mass destruction when Iraq was under attack instead of using them.

September 21 No Saddam Link To 9/11: Bush says there is no evidence that Saddam Hussein was behind September 11, 2001, as Hurricane Isabel rolls in and Weez suspects Saddam is responsible for it.

September 14 WTO And Globalization: The World Trade Organization meets in Cancun, Mexico, amid protests over globalized trade and farming subsidies in America and Europe which create dumping at below market price in poor countries hurting their own farmers.

September 7 Asking For U.N. Help In Iraq: Bush sends Powell to the United Nations to get help in Iraq.

August 31 Clean Air Act: The Bush administration eases anti-pollution regulations for industries such as utilities, refineries and manufacturing plants.

August 24 Patriot Act: Attorney General John Ashcroft is on a tour to promote the Patriot Act saying that in losing some liberties, it protects liberty -- an oxymoron?

August 17 Are We There, Yet?: Weez asks George W. Bush -- Where did the surplus, jobs, coalition of the willing and WMDs go? Finally, a stoic Dubya asks the question silently to himself: Couldn't he just ask: Are we there yet?

August 10 California Governor's Race: The race for governor of California was energize this week when Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he would run.

August 3 Gay Marriage: George W. Bush says he favors banning gay marriage.

July 27 Clinton Takes Up For Bush: Bill Clinton suggests laying off George W. Bush for the Iraq-Niger nuke error -- the 16 words in Bush's State of the Union address.

July 20 Tenet Takes The Fall For The Forged Uranium Document In State Of The Union Address: CIA director George J. Tenet took responsibility for the mention in Bush's State of the Union speech of the report that Iraq was trying to buy uranium from Niger in Africa was false.

July 13 Forged Uranium Document In State Of The Union Address: The Bush administration admits that the report cited in the State of the Union that Iraq was trying to buy uranium from Niger in Africa was false.

July 6 Bush's "Bring 'Em On": Militants or guerrillas continue to attack American military troops in Iraq and George W. Bush responds by taunting them with "bring them on."

June 29 Slaughtering Animals: There's absolutely no need to abuse animals awaiting slaughter instead of treating them humanely.

June 22 Military Occupation: With U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, Weez has an absurd, but tellingly ironic take on military occupation and America taking it too far.

June 15 Middle East Mess Grabs Bush: George W. Bush is learning the pitfalls of becoming involved the Middle East peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.

June 8 WMDs Not Yet Found: Where are the weapons of mass destruction that President Bush and Tony Blair assured us were in Iraq?

June 1 Middle East Peace Talks: The road map for peace in the Middle East isn't always easy to follow.

May 25 Color-Coded Terror Alerts: Warnings for terrorism are color-coded but not for SARS or mad cow disease.

May 18 Terrorism in Saudi Arabia: Osama bin Ladean as Frankenstein turning on his Saudi creators in the form of Al Qaeda terroritst bombings in Riyadh.

May 11 WMD in Iraq: If Saddam HUssein hid his weapons of mass destruction, it was an odd military strategy.

May 5 Iraqi Peace: Putting Iraq back together again.

April 27 SARS Virus Terrorism: Severe acute respiratory syndrome caused by the corona virus is a viral terrorist killing indiscriminately and ruining ecomomies.

April 20 Rebuilding Iraq: Well-connected corporations get contracts to reconstruct post-war Iraq.

April 13 Dissent in Cuba: Fidel Castro cracks down on Cuban dissidents.

April 6 Iraqi T.V.: Television in Iraq stayed on the air through bombs and missles.

March 30 Preventive War: You can oppose the Bush Doctrine of preventive war and still support American troops in Iraq.

March 23 War with Iraq: That evil despot Saddam Hussein has breathed life into the dangerous Bush Doctrine of preventive war by his indefensibleness.

March 16 God and Bush: When any leader, including George W. Bush, claims to be acting for God, there is cause for the citizenry to be alarmed .

March 9 Ordinary Iraqis: Civilians in Iraq face the impossible double-bind choice of removing Saddam or enduring American bombing from the "shock and awe" strategy.

March 2 America Seeks Allies: President Bush is trying to gain allies in his pursuit of war with Iraq and Saddam by paying them off, a common practice in interantional diplomacy.

February 23 President George W. "Yosemite Sam" Bush: Bush's rootin', tootin', shootin', cowboy style is not playing well around the world.

February 16 Safe Rooms: The Bush team is taking us back to the 1950s with its call for safe rooms, duct tape, supplies of food, and other emergency preparations.

February 9 Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il: U.N. inspectors can't find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, while North Korea is shouting that it has nukes.

February 2 Bush Obsesses on Iraq: George W. Bush, obsessed with Saddam Hussein and Iraq, takes a Rorschach inkblot test.

January 26 War with Iraq: Iraqui civilians stock necessities while Americans expect life to continue uninterrupted while we fight a war.

January 19 Speed Kills: Two U.S. Air Force pilots taking amphetamines issued to them by medics dropped a bomb on Canadian troops in Afghanistan.

January 12 Economic Stimulus and the Dividend Tax: Ending the tax on dividends: Bush calls it a double tax and plans to end dividend taxes, but this tax cut is not designed to cut taxes for most Americans.

January 5 North Korea Nukes: North Korea leader Kim Jong Il reinstates that country's nuclear development program at a time when the Bush team wants to focus on Iraq -- concessions from U.S. wanted to end it.

December 29 Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist: Is Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist a White House puppet with Karl Rove and George W. Bush the puppeteers?

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December 29 Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist: Is Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist a White House puppet with Karl Rove and George W. Bush the puppeteers?

December 22 Mideast Violence during the Holidays: The Three Kings -- the Magi, the Wise Men -- follow the brightest explosion in the Middle East.

December 15 North Korean Missiles to Yemen: President George W. Bush's black and white simplicity failed when the U.S. allowed a seized North Korean shipment of Scud missiles to continue on to Yemen.

December 8 How Saddam helps his Enemy Bush: Ironically, Saddam Hussein helps his sworn enemy George W. Bush by growing his popularity and distracting the country from matters like the economy, environment and liberties.

December 1 Killing for God: Killing and war in God's name is a perversion of religion whether it's Muslim, Christian, Hindu, etc.

November 24 Bush On and On and On, On Iraq: Bush obsessively talks about Iraq in order build a coalition against Saddam. This was his strategy at last week's NATO summit in Prague. Nations signing on to Bush's "coalition of the willing" may really be motivated by access to U.S. markets, investment and aid.

November 17 Iraq, America and Rubber-Stamp Legislatures: While President Bush calls the Iraqi Parliament a rubber stamp for Saddam Hussein, some think the U.S. Congress has become a rubber stamp for Bush.

November 10 Capital Punishment: The death penalty has an impracticality to it because of its time and expense coupled with a classification system of who qualifies for it that fails to make society safer from all cold-blooded killers and fails to recognize that to a murder victim, whether her killer was sane, insane, retarded or young makes no difference.

November 3 North Korea, Iraq & Nukes: The inconsistency of U.S. foreign policy on weapons of mass destruction arises because Iraq is weak while North Korea is strong militarily.

October 27 Television News: Cable news networks resort to hyperbole and even hysteria to gain viewers and ratings.

October 20 Military Overseas: The U.S. stations troops in foreign countries, but what would be the reception of foreign troops stationed in America.

October 13 Dissent on Iraq: The Iraq war resolution passes Congress and Americans are expected to follow the Bush administration and Congress like sheep, but democracy needs bah's not baa's.

October 6 Bush Iraq Resolution: Democrats Dick Gephardt and Joe Lieberman sign onto George W. Bush's proposed resolution on Iraq before their party does, thus eroding any real debate in the Congress on war.

September 29 Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Condi and Iraq: Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld, and Cheney in a remake of the "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" spoofing their my-way-or-the-highway approach to Iraq.

Septermber 22 Bush Prods U.N. On Iraq: George W. Bush calls for the United Nations to show some backbone on the Iraq issue and take up the United States' cause.

September 15 War with Iraq?: The United States and Iraq escalate their war rhetoric, but signal some room for negotiation via weapons inspectors and the United Nations.

September 8 Anniversary of 9-11: There's some rank commercialism going down with the anniversary of 9/11.

September 1 U.S. Inconsistency on Iraq and Saudi Arabia: In his August 26, 2002 speech, Dick Cheney stated that our goal for Iraq is democracy. Meanwhile, George W. Bush snuggled up to the very undemocratic Saudi regiime.

August 25 Commentators on Iraq: Cable-news pundits blithely talk about attacking Iraq, but it's not their lives on the line.

August 18 The Economy: The current recession was brought on by economic cycles -- booms and busts -- that are far more powerful than mere political parties.

August 11 Blaming Clinton: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney use the diversionary political tactic of blaming Bill Clinton for the economy.

August 4 Nuclear Weapons: At a time when questions are being raised about Iraq and nuclear weapons, we in the U.S. are sure that we can be trusted with weapons of mass destruction. But does the rest of the world feel the same?

July 28 Corporate Fraud Legislation: Corporate fraud, a product of corporate greed and greedy CEOs, gets legislated by Congress since simple moral conviction is not a part of corporate synergy.

July 21 Performance Enhancers: It takes steroids, political contributions, cosmetic surgery and cooking the books to compete successfully today.

July 14 Bush at Harken Energy: Varying from his usual black and white outlook to defend himself in his role as director of Harken Energy, George W. Bush says "In the corporate world, sometimes things aren't exactly black and white when it comes to accounting procedures."

July 7 International Meddling: George W. Bush has told other countries to get rid of their leaders, but what if another nation told us to find a new leader.

June 30 Corporate Scandals: As Wall Street reels from corporate scandals and corporate ethics are nonexistent, Jiminy Cricket arrives to provide a corporate conscience.

June 23 Enron Execs Well Paid: Senior Enron executives did well financially in the year before the company's bankruptcy filing while average employees didn't fare as well.

June 16 Fear of Terrorism: Government warnings and media stories about Al Qaeda threats are told to Americans in a way that sometimes heightens fear even though fear is a goal of terror.

June 9 The 9/11 Blame Game: Some senators and congressman claim they're not playing the blame game even as they blame the FBI and the CIA for inaction to prevent 9/11.

June 2 America's War on Terrorism in Other Countries: As America finances other countries in the war on terrorism, some less than legitimate takers will get in line for the money.

June 2 America's War on Terrorism in Other Countries: As America finances other countries in the war on terrorism, some less than legitimate takers will get in line for the money.

May 26 Bush in Europe: Many Europeans just don't like George W. Bush, seeing him as a bully with no care for the environment.

May 19 Embargo of Cuba: The American embargo of Cuba provides Fidel Castro with a scapegoat to blame for Cuba's failed economy under his leadership.

May 12 Star Directors: Major coporations often have very expensive big-name directors to add glamour and contacts to their corporate boards, and with Enron some are now being sued.

May 5 Whales: Japan uses the ruse of calling whale hunts scientific expeditions to get around the Internation Whaling Commissions ban on whaling.

April 28 Bush in Black and White and Gray: George W. Bush likes to see things in black and white, but the Middle East conflict is forcing him to add shades of gray to his palette.

April 21 Dissent Returns: It's OK again to to discuss, disagree and dissent -- American esteem for expression has returned.

April 14 Therapeutic Cloning: George W. Bush wants Congress to ban research cloning that could lead to cures.

April 7 Saddam Hussein: The Middle East conflict between Israelis and Palestinians protects Hussein from American action against him.

March 31 Arthur Andersen: The Justice Department has indicted the company instead of focusing on employees who may have committed crimes, potentially costing jobs of employees who knew nothing about Enron.

March 24 Congressional Oversight: The Bush administration is hostile to congressional oversight of the executive branch.

March 17 Terror Warnings: Homeland security chief Tom Ridge announces a color-coded terror alert system.

March 10 Middle East Violence: Can a peace be negotiated while Palestinians are killing Israelis and Israelis are killing Palestinians?

March 3 Enron Responsibility: Everyone in the Enron scandal claims to have been misled.

February 24 Mike Tyson: He's having trouble finding a venue that will license him for his fight with heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis.

February 17 Campaign Finance Reform: An unintended irony is exposed about politicians and their inextricable intertwinement with money.

February 10 Ken Lay Before Congress: Former Enron chairman Kenneth L. Lay will appear before two congressional panels this week.

February 3 GAO to sue Cheney: The GAO says it will sue Dick Cheney to get information he refuses to divulge about his energy commission.

January 27 Enron Document Shredding: With investigations under way, Enron and its auditor are accused of shredding documents.

January 20 An Al Qaeda Fighter's Human Trait: An Al Qaeda prisoner expresses fear of flying to Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay.

January 13 School Testing: National accountability testing of students means that at least some schools will teach to the test.

January 6 Extremists, Militants, Fanatics: They push deliberative, moderate people around until they finally rise up with unexpected force to fight back.

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December 30 The Osama Show: The December Osama Bin Laden video tape is played on Al-Jazeera television.

December 23 Economic Stimulus Plan: Congress failed to pass an economic stimulus package before its Christmas recess with both parties blaming each other, thus again ending bipartisanship.

December 16 Enron Bankruptcy: Some Enron executives sold their Enron stock as the value plummeted, but many employees could not.

December 9 John Ashcroft: Military tribunals, secret detentions, eavesdropping on attorney-client conversations. The attorney general equates criticism with aiding the enemy.

December 2 Therapeutic Cloning: George W. Bush opposes it, yet therapeutic cloning could save lives by advancing stem cell research.

November 25 Saddam -- Next Target?: Some say that Saddam Hussein must be the next target in the war on terrorism.

November 18 The Alliance With Anti-Taliban Forces: The U.S. and Afghans opposed to Taliban rule have thus far had a fruitul alliance.

November 11 Al Qaeda is a Hate Group: This time, all Americans are targets of a hate group -- not just minorities.

November 4 The Quagmire Question: History-challenged journalists have raised "the quagmire question" or ''the big Q" suggesting that the war in Afghanistan should be won after only three weeks.

October 28 The Invaders: Terrorists live among us undetectable like the aliens did in the TV series The Invaders.

October 21 Anthrax: Bioterrorism is in the mail and causing more fear than it reasonably should.

October 14 Pro-Taliban Protests: The protests in Pakistan showed a lack of diversity among the protestors.

October 7 Bioterrorism, American Fears, Afghan Fears: Americans worry about bioterrorism while Afghans panic over the possiblity of an American-led attack.

September 30 Freezing Terrorist Assets: America and its allies move to seize terrorists' financial assets.

September 23 Coalition to Fight Terrorism: The U.S. is forming a coaltion of nations to fight terrorists.

September 16 Terrorists Attack America: On September 11, 2001, hijackers crashed planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

September 9 U.N. Conference on Racism: Forget idealism, the conference was an exercise in the self-interest of nations.

September 2 Second Quarter Economic Report: Growth is down, but consumer spending is better and surplus inventories are being used. Meanwhile, employees are being laid off.

August 26 Budget Surplus: The budget surplus is down by about $120 billion and the blame game is on.

August 19 Murder: Does a murder victim feel less aggrieved if his assailant is youthful or incompetent?

August 12 Cloning: There's a difference between cloning for stem-cell research and cloning a human being.

August 5 Congress Recesses: Congress has gone on its August recess.

July 29 Energy Policy: America does not have an energy plan to meet global warming and last week refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol.

July 22 Bush, Amnesty, World Bank and The Pope: President Bush takes several surprise, moderate positions in preparation for his G-8 summit in Genoa.

July 15 Chandra Levy: Commentators flock to television to promote themselves in the guise of discussing the case.

July 8 Stem Cell Research: President Bush must decide whether to allow federal funding of stem cell research.

July 1 Patient's Rights: The health-care lobby's propaganda tool -- trial lawyers.

June 24 Middle East: Colin Powell goes to the Mideast on a peace mission.

June 17 Missile Shield: Is the Bush administration's proposed missile-shield defense viable?

June 10 Bush: George W. Bush prepares his meeting with European Union leaders.

June 3 Senate Power Shift: The power shifts in the U.S. Senate from Republicans to Democrats.

May 27 Jim Jeffords: Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords leaves the Republican Party causing an historic shift of power.

May 20 Energy Policy: The president announces his energy plan.

May 13 Energy Crunch: While the energy industry is smiling over increased oil and gas production, consumers, Congress and the White House are fretting.

May 6 Judicial Appointments: President Bush appoints his first judges, most of whom favor states rights.

April 29 U.S. Supreme Court: The court approves police making an arrest for a minor traffic offense though it can only be punished by a fine.

April 22 World Trade Conference: Odds of being born into poverty in Latin America.

April 15 Oil and Gas Industry: Weez hunts for Easter eggs at the White House and learns about the oil and gas industry's clout.

April 8 Racial Profiling: Racial profiling isn't always official.

April 1 Medical Marijuana: The Supreme Court hears arguments on allowing its use.

March 25 Bush Tax Cuts: According to W., there's supposed to be enough confidence that his tax cuts are coming to stimulate the economy.

March 18 Campaign Finance Reform: Who's to blame for the current fund-raising excesses?

March 11 Republicans Rule: Workplace safety rules repealed and tax cuts passed.

March 4 Tax-Cut PR: The tax-cut spin machines have been rolled out by both parties with the GOP coming across as the fun guys.

February 25 Clinton: The pardon scandal is in full bloom to Bill Clinton's chagrin.

February 18 Illegal Immigration: Mexican workers Illegally in the U.S. are caught up in a continuous cycle of immgration and deportation winked at by both countries.

February 11 Tax Cuts: Distinguishing the competing tax-cut plans by Bush, by the Democrats and by Republican leaders.

February 4 Greenspan: Alan Greenspan addresses the surplus, the tax cut, and the zero-debt problem hip-hop style.

January 28 Layoffs: Thousands of workers are laid off In downsizing moves.

January 21 Rehnquist: Supreme CourtChief Justice William Rehnquist swears in George W. Bush at the Inauguration.

January 14 Chavez: Linda Chavez withdraws from consideration as Labor Secretary.

January 7 Bush: Bush makes conservative cabinet appointments.

December 31 The New Year: Hal, the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey, points out the strange times of 2001 to shipmate Dave.

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