Thadeus & Weez, by Charles Pugsley Fincher, is retired. It was Fincher's political comic that ran weekly for years in major Texas newspapers, both print and Web editions. Go to the Archives to see past strips. Ads and offers seen are no more. His other retired political site is The Illustrated Daily Scribble.

Fincher has been described by journalists as a lawyer-slash-artist, the name his new site for paintings and drawings.

After doing political cartoons, Fincher, a lawyer, focused his comic art on the legal profession. The material is an eccentric, insider look at law. See all three newest cartoons on one page at or go to each one individually below.

Fincher's law firm comic strip, Bitcher & Prickman, goes inside the law firm with edge.

His lawyer cartoon Scribble-in-Law is a legally eccentric look at law in single-panel format.

Off The Law cartoons are off-the-wall comic strips about the legal profession.